Kirkwood Paranoia?

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East Monroe Avenue, Kirkwood MO
Does it seem like we’re being watched?
It kinda feels like someone is breathing down my neck.
Is my privacy being violated, or am I just paranoid?

There is Teardown Fever in Kirkwood. I swear to you that every other block has at least one house demolished to build anew. These new developers deserve a prop: They leave up as many trees as possible. They even fence off what is to be saved so no accidental bulldozing happens. Not sure if it’s a Kirkwood City Hall requirement, or just some really savvy home builders. Either way, it’s an appreciated gesture.

But in the case of the in-fill home pictured above right… I hope the people in the single-story Grey House know the owners of the new Victorian mansion being built right up against it. And know them well enough to not mind being seen by them in their underwear. If they don’t know each other, the back side of the Grey House may be awfully dark with the blinds drawn 24/7.

The new Victorian’s front does face out onto the side street, but it has a rather broad, tall and looming north side that pretty much bullies the house in front of it. The Victorian’s detached garage is even right up against the Grey House backyard fence. Nothing stopped it from being built like that, so I guess no zoning laws are being violated.. other than privacy.

5 thoughts on “Kirkwood Paranoia?

  1. That is an old home. Hey, last month we received some info on rehabbing vs. New building as being more green from our utility dept. Where is the disconnect among our city of kirkwood? Yes, we need to retain old construction. But, look who is on the board. Construction companies have advantage.

    For example, how can we kept the ratio of property to house footprint upheld for some older houses but newer construction is not held to the same house lot ratios.
    I’m ready to stop new construction because it destroys the reason I moved here in the first place.

  2. Not that it takes away from your point, but as mentioned, that’s not a new house. And, it’s on Woodlawn not Monroe. There are houses quite a bit larger than this in this area, with the infill ranch you show depicted being the result of one of the area mansions selling off their side yard at some point. For example, 7-gables, three doors down, once looked out over a lot that now has ~20 houses on it, some as new as the 80s (?). Not saying that the Adams Stree project isn’t a bit large, but perhaps it’s all of the post-war infills in this historic area that are more out of place. I don’t think that this is a very representative example of the “McMansion” trend in Kirkwood.

    Another point – the detail on this project is on par with what was done in the finest houses built in Kirkwood 100+ years ago. Traditional design, tradtional materials (no vinyl, etc.) I’m sure the interior is the same. This is not a vinyl box with drywall, ranch casing, hollow core doors, etc. Craftsmanship takes time.

  3. I am so for the movement in Kirkwood!!! I raised my family here, and hope, like so many other young families, that they will one day return to the roots!!There is an old-town feel here, much like the Old Clayton, ahhh I miss those beautiful old homes. Are we giving up the past? Is the future in someone else’s hands? Or does money speak louder than citizens that love their lives and communities. Developers take heed, sprawl sucks and teardowns hurt your reputation!!!Mom

  4. I live a block from this house. Believe it or not, it is technically a rehab. The house standing there was raised up, turned 90 degrees and a new foundation poured and then the additions began and kept going. We call it the house that will never be finished–I think it has been in progress for two years now. But you are right about “tear down fever” here in Kirkwood. Neighbors are finally getting mad and fighting back.

  5. Is that a Victorian house or Jabba The Hut? Whatever it is it sure has a whole lot of ugly. I love the lines of the littl egray house though, thier neighbors should be ashamed.

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