A Kirkwood Rainbow

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E. Clinton & S. Fillmore
Kirkwood, MO

Some remodeling work is being done to typical post-WW2 bungalow in Kirkwood.  While vinyl siding can – technically – be painted, it’s usually a short-lived solution.  So, I have the feeling the place is being spruced up to go up for sale.

I love that the paint crew left behind this rainbow display, and much like a real rainbow, it was a beautiful but fleeting thing. After a couple of peacock days, the siding is now 100% conservatively beige.


There’s a Crayola box of vinyl siding colors available, but the vast majority go with white, off whites, grays and beiges. Considering that a certain type of new homes (that were) being built are nothing but a tall, plain box encased in vinyl (even the chimney – man that’s unattractive), why not add some much needed interest with multiple colors of vinyl? Imagine it: a white ground with different accent colors, decorative borders and flourishes?

One can drive through other parts of Kirkwood and see wood sided homes with this type of multi-coloring.  And this little guy shows how fun it can be in moderation.  Plus, the color of the vinyl does not change the price. So, a re-think on how to display vinyl siding would be a welcome sight.

3 thoughts on “A Kirkwood Rainbow

  1. This reminds me of a house that I would occasionally drive past in south-suburban Kansas City when I was on my way back to KU in Lawrence. I think it was actually 50’s aluminum siding, the big stuff… about 10-12″ per “board”. It was painted with random boards of purple, orange, and white!

    … so I just went to Google to see if I could fins a photo os something similar, and stumbled onto something much “better”… vinyl camouflage siding! Perfect for the new St. Charles County home owner looking to blend into the “woods” (whats left of them). Here is the link:


  2. Tell it girl! Steve and I were just agonizing over vinyl siding last week…no kidding! But what is one to do??? Aging homeowners without the funds to pay to have work done, or exhausted single mothers who are already over-extended physically and emotionally…who can blame them?

    What a great idea, to break out of the tyranny of moderation.

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