A Fresh Coat of Paint

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Intersection of Washington Blvd. & Jefferson Avenue
North St. Louis City, shop MO

The buildings on both corners of the west side of this intersection have got a new coat of paint, and the effect is absolutely stunning.  It looks like colored eggs in an Easter basket.


When we get a new hairdo or whiten the teeth, it spiffs us up without changing the basic essence of who we are.  Same goes for buildings.  A little patching, a little paint and some prideful TLC goes a long way towards boosting civic self esteem.  Thank you to these building owners for their fabulous efforts.

5 thoughts on “A Fresh Coat of Paint

  1. The yellow building is actually a facade of glazed terra cotta. Knocked me OUT when I first realized it. Tho’…I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, painting brick is just not a good idea. Brick and mortar are a system, which system is compromised when brick is covered in paint. However, having said that, I am aware that these three structures on the corner were painted before the current rehabbing efforts were initiated.

  2. With most of the rest of the St. Louis Magazine editorial staff, I toured the near North Side (and other places) Friday, and the number of dilapidated but obviously once-glorious structures just boggled my mind. So damned much lovely masonry. Of course, none of the properties looked to be Class A real estate, so who could possibly want them?

  3. now, imagine if there weren’t so many open holes surrounding these easter eggs…

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