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The Beverly Hills, Mo city hall and pharmacy as photographed in 2001 by toby weiss
Beverly Hills, MO
Natural Bridge Rd. just east of Lucas-Hunt Rd.
It barely exists as a municipality, and the scene above promises to change. Remodeling has begun because the pharmacy (which shares space with the City Hall) needs to expand. With a population under 700, it’s heartening that something is expanding here…

the glasgow village shopping center as photographed in 2003 by toby weiss
Glasgow Village, MO
Just a scootch past the city/county line, in the bluffs above Riverview Blvd., behind Chain of Rocks Park, which actually mattered much when the amusement park was in play. The shopping center is now really nothing more than this liquor store.

(This piece was originally posted in June 2005. Since then, Glasgow Village Shopping Center is gone.)

top of the tower and stelmacki's in moline acres missouri as photographed by toby weiss in 2001
Moline Acres, MO
Hwy 367 & Chambers Rd.
Top of the Tower Restaurant was a sophisticated destination in the late 1960/early 1970s, and to live in the apartments below was pretty hip. The movie theater on the lower level became many a defunct nightclub, but Stelmacki’s is still in place, and keeps the geometric marvel alive.

belle park plaza in spanish lake, missouri as photographed by toby weiss in 2001 and 2005
Spanish Lake, MO
Bellefontaine Rd. & Parker Rd.
My father’s wife ran a beauty shop in this plaza for almost 20 years. I’d seen it a thousand times over the years, but never noticed the subtle chevron theme until a couple of years ago. It was the city’s one and only attempt at jazzing up for the motor age, and they may have kept it subtle because it was just a few yards from the blacksmith’s shop.

2 thoughts on “North County Modern

  1. I just played Emerald Greens this morning and was drawn into the “what was this once like,” thought process.

    Incredible place. It is a shame that the pool can’t be revived, and the grounds revitalized.

    Actually, this looks like a property that a hotel chain should snatch up, rehab and re-open with a resort type of atmosphere.

  2. Near this area is the golf course “Emerald Greens”:

    This untouched beauty of the north was once home to the local union pipe fitters pool complex, the cement skeleton of the pool is still there as well as many 1950 era decorations. The golf course’s pro shop is a truly unique round building – which was once the cafe/dinner for the pool. The bathrooms are neat too; they are located in the center. Also on the property is a union hall, which is uniquely constructed(if I’m not mistaken it was made of golden metal).

    Its amazing what the mind remembers, I used to love to go there when I was a kid(16 years ago), my grandma had a membership to the complex because my grandpa was a pipe fitter(at the time that was the only way you could get in). I golfed there with my father last year a beautiful course, and its the weirdest thing, there was no one on the course – it felt like a very dead and forgotten place.

    Please check it out and capture it with many photos the next time your in that area, it is truly hidden and who knows how long it will last…

    PS. There might be a guard at the entrance but I’m not sure what their there for, because we just drove right past them when we went in. I think they just detour “unwanted” guests… uptight republicans! 🙂

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