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In late September, physician UrbanNexus came to St. Louis for a look see.   Prior to a round-table luncheon discussion, viagra they asked a diverse group of us questions about our city like:

What is St. Louis doing right?

Why do you stay?

What is our biggest impediment to progress?

Read our answers here.

I was proud to be a part of this discussion, but even more rewarding was finally being introduced to the magazine Next American City.   From content to writing to layout, it is an exceptionally professional and fascinating publication.  I look forward to it landing in my mailbox.

5 thoughts on “StL City Q&A

  1. I enjoyed the UrbanNexus event – we need to keep the dialogue going and figure out how to transform some of the great ideas suggested by members of the audience into something tangible.

  2. “Fluff.” Hmm. I’m curious to know what subjects you would cover if you were the publisher of an urban affairs magazine, and how you would cover it. To pigeon-hole NAC’s readership as “hip loft dwellers” is terribly uninformed and presumtuous. My question is, what makes you such an authority to make such an assumption, and what of substance do you have to show in contrast?

  3. Well, we can disagree Jeff, but it’s a lot of fluff that I think appeals to people who “should be” concerned with healthcare, etc. but aren’t particularly interested. Just my opinion.

  4. I wholeheartedly disagree, Steven. NAC covers a wide range of issues affecting cities, from immigration to transportation to small business to welfare. Next month, NAC is hosting a conference in Baltimore- the topic is healthcare in cities (hardly an issue that hip loft-dwellers need to worry about).

    By the way, the magazine also welcomes submissions from readers, so if you have suggestions, you should contact them.

  5. I actually been disappointed by the magazine. I think it lacks focus and is trying to appeal to hip loft-dwellers above all else. Content is more difficult than design, but I think they should shift their emphasis.

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