Retro Retail Holiday

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West Florissant & Hwy 270
North St. Louis County, MO

St. Louis hasn’t seen the likes of a Venture sign since 1998. But for the holiday shopping season, much like Gypsy Rose Lee peeling and dropping a glove, Venture teases us with a blast from the past.

One question though: after 12 years, Kmart still won’t spring for real signage?  Nice job, class all the way.

9 thoughts on “Retro Retail Holiday

  1. Happened 3 times now- once in the spring of 2010, then later in 2010 after the sign was updated, and a 3rd time now, 5 years after Kmart closed the location. Since social media is more prominent now, it’s spreading faster, and news outlets are picking it up as having just happened the first time in 2019 when it actually happened twice before.

  2. That is so cool! It looks like this Venture refuses to die! On Flikr, there are shots of the other side of the sign ripped off. It looks like this is quite a large sign, so it does not surprise me it was never replaced. As for the above sign tha was mentioned in Illinois, It is at Exit 6 Illinois Rt 111. I think I will be making a stop there soon for some shots. It is a auto showroom/pool store now.

  3. The sign had fallen over back in March and I took a phone picture and put it on my flickr page. After the first time, they updated it with the newer logo and apparently that fell over real well, pun intended.

  4. I did think of that one as I photographed the unearthed one, and thanks for detailing exactly where it is. But you know, there’s just something so appealing about a retro retail striptease in a dense, high-traffic area. Seems kinda naughty.

  5. If you want to see a Venture sign year round, head east on 55 six miles into Illinois. At the Kingshighway exit to Washington Park the old Venture sign is still visible from the interstate to the south.

  6. I remember Venture as being a few rungs below Target. Venture had women with their hair in curlers pushing shopping carts with their screaming toddlers.

    Growing up in St. Louis, I never went to a Kmart. I think that’s because we didn’t live near one. I finally went to one a couple of years ago. It was depressing. The store looked as though it hadn’t been decorated since 1982; the walls were painted orange. Their “Cyber Cafe” was a row of computers against a wall with coffee and soda machines. Good bargains, though.

  7. No, the Kmart/Venture is across West Florissant from Clocktower.

  8. West Florissant and 270…is this the Clocktower Place Shopping Center? If so, I wonder if this sign is on the spot where the marquee of the old 270 Drive-In used to be???

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