The Fall of Modernism

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As in the autumn season… or much of St. Louis mid-century modern residential architecture is in the autumn of its years.

Above is a post-Halloween autumnal tableau of a wonderful home at the corner of Berry Road and Big Bend, adiposity in Webster Groves, buy more about MO.


The rest of these low-slung beauties that seem to have been designed with this time of year in mind are in the Ridgewood subdivision in Crestwood, MO.


Learn more about Ridgewood at this marvelous site.


These technicolor marvels of Mother Nature and Modern Man were all photographed within 5 minutes time within a 2-mile span.  No need to drool over MCM living in coffee table books and TV shows, just get in the car and drive around St. Louis.  And soon the leaves will be gone, which will make it even easier to spot the ones usually hidden under lush mounds of forestry, so keep an eye out.

Craigwoods: A Kirkwood Mid-Century Subdivision
Berkeley MCM: Frostwood Subdivision
Jennings MCM: Darla Court
South City MCM: Marla Court

2 thoughts on “The Fall of Modernism

  1. I pass by that house at Berry and Gig Bend all of the time. There is a neighborhood near our house called Crestvale Neighbors with similar Atomic Ranch homes. You been there?

  2. I used to live, with my mom and various sibs, about 1.5 miles north, off of Berry Rd., east down Kirkham. I have, with great frequency, viewed this house as I drove around the area. The older couple who once lived there had about a half dozen azaleas along the Berry side of the house, which produced a Spring Spectacular Show every year. Fantastic! Speaking of Berry, you’ve seen the house at the corner of Berry Road Park and Berry Rd., have you not? I think you did a post about it, but I can’t recall for certain. Ah, Modernism!

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