Touring Nine North

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On November 5th, 2009,  City Affair took a tour of Nine North, the modern new condos on Euclid Avenue in the Central West End.

Rather than gush on about how much I truly loved the 4 models they graciously opened up for us to romp around in, I’ll share the video. This way, you can decide for yourself.

Because it was nighttime, I was not able to properly film the exterior aspects of Nine North.  Some of the balcony configurations create sublime spaces that I’m longing to see at different times of day and seasons.  And the way all of the condos face onto a swanky pool/hot tub outdoor courtyard is very Melrose Place, in the best possible way.

2 thoughts on “Touring Nine North

  1. Nice cribs. Shame that there are no operable windows. At least awning windows on the smaller lights. To be sure, the door to the balcony is a large opening, but what if the tenant would like to have a little fresh air while it’s raining? This building is built towards standards from the 20th century, when fossil-generated energy was cheap and the effects of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrogen on the biosphere were largely unknown. Would be nice if it incorporated some passive design elements, rather than just the standard condo appointments. A hermetically sealed box. It’s a’ight, a solid C.

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