Close Encounter of the Futuro House Kind

Pink Elephant Antique Mall
Livingston, Illinois

Calling occupants of interplanetary, anti-adversary craft: a Futuro has landed in Livingston. We declare world contact today.

Plastic Football and I took a day trip through Illinois, and on our way up 55 to Jacksonville,  I noticed a new addition to the Pink Elephant Antique Mall in Livingston – a Flying Saucer House! Like a kid, I’m yelling, “Can we stop, can we stop?” Instead, a promise was made to stop on our way back, in the dark, when it would be even more other-worldly.

Oh, lordy, was it scary in the dark! I ran over to start snapping, and as I approached the entry to the capsule, I was overcome with fear. I’ve spent over a quarter of my life in deeply rural areas, so have real-life experience of what kind of varmint or human lawlessness could be lurking inside the space pod.

I gladly waited for Darren to drive over and shine his headlights onto the pod, and as seen above, I then moved with a bit more confidence toward the entry to snap the interior.

It was fascinating to see evidence of several layers worth of living inside this Futuro Home. Click thru to this YouTube tour of the Antique Mall, and see the Futuro (and its interior) in daylight.

Check out the bottom left of this photo, above.  Those two small ovals appear to be openings used for connecting and ventilating electrical/gas/plumbing fixtures. Which connects these odd and unique habitats to the scenario of actually living in them.

It seems nearly impossible to have lived in one on a regular basis. Various websites covering their history show people building additions to them, or using them as weekend retreats. Personally, I’d love to have one to turn into an outdoor kitchen/pavilion in the backyard.

Seeing as its an antique mall, can we assume this Futuro – one of 96 that were originally manufactured – is for sale? I wonder how much they want for it, and I love to imagine the purchaser carrying it down the highway on a flatbed truck, freaking out everyone on both sides of Interstate 55.

In the above photo, take note of the little black mark above the seam, between the two windows. This pod has obviously traveled quite a bit, and it obviously has to be dismantled for transport. So somewhere along the way, someone made sure to note…

…”This Side Up.”

See a few more photos of our UFO night with the Futuro.