urbanSTL vs. the ‘burbs

I am so pleased to have an article freshly posted on urbanSTL, a fabulous new one-stop resource for St. Louis news and blogs.

Click over to read my piece, “Crying Over Spilt Milk: The Suburbs Happened, Get Over It!”

Especially loving the timing of this piece being published, as it comes in the rosy afterglow of St. Louis County voting an enthusiastic “yes” on Prop A.  This was a unique moment of Suburban & Urban joining together for a common goal, and this unity feels great!

The seeds of City/County dissension were planted in the 19th century, but come the 21st century it’s time to harvest that crop and whip it up into a bountiful meal so both sides can come to the table. Let’s eat, drink and be merry together as St. Louisans with no geographical suffix, just St. Louisans, period.