Remodeling Mid-Century Modern Homes

My day job is in the residential remodeling field, so I read all the remodeling industry magazines. This issue of Qualified Remodeler got my full attention because the remodeling of a mid-century modern home in Austin, TX made the front cover.  (Click any photo for an enlarged, readable version.)

Much of the remodeling industry is only now coming around to embracing the importance of a great website, and treading cautiously into social networking. In other words, it’s an old fashioned field that’s slow to change.

So one of the industry rags embracing mid-century modern home remodeling can signify that interest in, and renovation of, mid-century homes is now more than a trend – it’s the next wave of remodeling dollars to be pursued.

This home is from 1945, and the remodeling firm added a 658 s.f. master suite addition to the back. They also moved the front entrance and created a new entry foyer, which is absolutely gorgeous.

The article is very encouraging because this firm and the home owners understood the importance of modesty, scale and appropriateness.  The bits about aesthetically proper fenestration is pure delight.

Even better is the outcome: neighbors used to teardowns for McMansions love that this home was remodeled. Setting an example with productive action has a positive domino effect, and I hope this cover article is the first of many such stories on successful and era-sensitive remodels of mid-century homes all across America.