South St. Louis, Then & Now

Bates Street & Morgan Ford
South St. Louis, MO

FILE PHOTO This venerable “gasoline service station” opened in 1931, back when 2 gas pumps in front of a tiny garage was all that was needed to handle vehicular volume in this section of Bevo Mill.  We are fortunate to have such historical remnants of the city’s past still standing and operating today.

OK, this is actually a lame Photoshop gag.
I took this photo just the other day. With the vintage pickup truck parked in front, the place was an endearing warp in the space/time continuum.  This brief, anachronistic moment is Reason #1,238 why I love the City of St. Louis.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

dentist-st-pats-011Bates & Virgina Intersection
South St. Louis, MO

May the luck of the Irish be with you today.

At this intersection is an old building – built in 1912 – that can easily go unnoticed. The ground floor has been remuddled into a mute brown wooden shadow, and over the years it has been hard to discern if Raymond J. Skosky Family Dentistry was still actually open for business.

But he most certainly is, and I’m guessing that last year he got a new employee that noticed the three display windows facing out onto Bates, and decided to embrace the opportunity.

This past Christmas was when I first noticed an elaborate display in each window, and they have yet to miss a major holiday.


I had completely overlooked that St. Pat’s was coming up until I passed by the Skosky windows the other night.  So, not only have they made a majorily positive difference within their small section of the South Side, they are the most enchanting and reliable holiday calendar one could ask for.  Thank you for doing this!